Compression Set Modifiers

Functional Polymers

Mohan Infinity has developed a material group which is highly resilient. This type has opened a complete new application spectrum, as it can be injection molded, compression molded, extruded etc. moreover being compatible with polyolefines, EVA rubber and different kind of polymer with or without a compatilizer. It is a polymeric alloy of poly isoprene, butadiene, ethylene and small quantity of styrenic materials to give excellent resilience to the product

1. Replace Epdm and natural rubber in eva products
2. Better low temperature flexibility elongation and wear
3. Good resilience
4. Better cell structure
5. Ease of processibility

Products Compression Set Softness Resilience
AntiSkid ✓✓✓✓ ✓✓
Edipol ✓✓ ✓✓✓ ✓✓
MI-Bounce ✓✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓✓
Rasilia ✓✓✓✓ ✓✓✓✓

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